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Eugene, Oregon was voted the…
THE #1  place on the
best city to retire
1st on the list of  the
 “Six best places to retire” 
by Money Magazine 2001
In the July 2001 issue of Money Magazine they highlighted the six best places to retire. 
Eugene, Oregon was FIRST ON THE LIST.   Here is what they had to say: This city has it all:
vitality, great quality of life, affordable housing and plenty to see and do. Surround yourself
with the rich natural beauty of America’s Pacific Northwest.  The Kalapuya Indians cherished
the Willamette Valley for its natural gifts — gleaming rivers and a mossy landscape framed
by the Cascade and Coast mountain ranges. That splendor continues to lure retirees to Eugene,
a gloriously verdant town just two hours from Portland and an hour from the ocean. The
surrounding area is a nature lover’s paradise the size of Rhode Island and Connecticut
combined: national forests punctuated by volcanic peaks, wilderness inhabited by blacktail
deer, elk, redtail hawks, bear, and cougar; and 21 state parks, including nine-mile-long
Detroit Lake. The city is as exciting as the vistas. There are cultural amenities galore, among
them the Hult Center for the Performing Arts, which houses eight dance and music groups.
And the University of Oregon calls this town home, making it ideal for pursuing intellectual
endeavors. Retirees can audit classes and attend campus events for just $125 a year. Home
prices are another good value: Three-bedroom houses generally begin at under $250,000.
Eugene gets 49 inches of rain a year, 45 percent more than the national average, but residents
like this town so much they shrug at the weather. “We have an excellent symphony. Great stores.
You can walk down by the river,” says Aileen Draper, a retired nurse who moved to Eugene in
1991 from Sacramento. “It’s an oasis here.”
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Eugene, Oregon was voted the…
by U.S. News & World Report 2007

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Eugene, Oregon was voted the…
 #1 Greenest city in the U.S.  Greenest city
Green Guide 2006
by Reuters News Services
Reuters News Service Highlights:  Eugene as Greenest US City
#1 Eugene, Oregon (score 9.0375, pop. 137,893)
First on our list is the university town, Eugene, well known as a powerhouse of green industry,
clustering sustainable businesses like an environmentally minded Silicon Valley. Nestled in
the Willamette River Valley with views of the Cascade Mountains, residents enjoy numerous
bike trails, clean air and water, parkland and outlying wilderness areas. Hydroelectric and
wind power contribute over 85 percent of Eugene’s power, reducing greenhouse gas emissions
considerably. A little over 16 percent of Eugene is green space, including athletic fields, city parks,
public gardens, trails and waterfront. The city has over 2,500 acres of publicly owned wetlands,
and its West Eugene Wetlands Program includes a mitigation bank, a native plant nursery,
protected wetlands and educational features. “Overall, we have a reputation for protecting
the environment and that reflects a commitment throughout the city organization to look for
ways of becoming more sustainable,” says Jim Carlson, assistant city manager, citing the city’s
biodiesel and hybrid fleets, its evaluation of all city activities for environmental impact and the
mayor’s sustainable business initiative to green the local economy. And Carlson notes that “In
next year’s budget, we’re planning to purchase 25 percent wind power for all existing general
fund buildings such as libraries and city hall.”
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*Eugene, Oregon Weather Summary: 
In Eugene, we rarely experience snowfall.  Once every 3-7 years we will get a small amount
of snow-it is very rare to have snow fall over a couple of inches.  Although, we do get our fair share
of rain.  We have never had a deadly Earthquake, Tornado or Hurricane. Summer weather ranges from about 80-95 degrees and rarely goes up to 100 degrees.  Winters are also mild, rarely going under 30 degrees. We are considered to have very mild weather conditions.  Most of the time, It is neither extremely hot nor extremely cold. The perfect climate for rest & relaxation.  
 Lane County, Oregon Parks:
With all of Oregon’s Natural Beauty we have to protect and save as much scenic area as possible. 
Therefore, we have over 174 Public Parks in Lane County alone. 
Anytime you need to relax in the great outdoors visit one of our many parks!
Lane County, Oregon Golf Course:
Our last count there were over 201 Golf Courses.  Oregon is Notorious for it’s Natural Beauty  so it’s not surprising that we have more than our more than our fair share of Scenic Golf Courses.
City of Eugene’s Website:
Click below to view the City of Eugene’s website. 
There you will find information on our city, parks,
recreation, city council, city departments and much more. 
 World’s Greatest City of the Arts & Outdoors: 
This 5 1/2 minute video highlights Eugene’s unique
combination of outstanding natural, recreational
and cultural amenities. For best results use
Internet Explorer 6 or Netscape 7.1 and Windows Media Player version 9
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