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Our Waterway and Walking Trails

Photo 1 Loudon by waterfall

Our homeowners love walking along
the trails that surround our waterway. 
Here is Bob & Meredith Loudon
standing by one of our waterfalls. 
Come join the Loudon’s in living
the “Good Life” at Gainsborough!

Photo 2 walking trail

Our walking paths are made of natural Oregon rock in a design that is pleasing to our homeowners and natural enough to attract our wildlife. 
Enjoy walking along the water as you view
all the wildlife Oregon is Notorious for!

Photo 3 geese on walking trail

As you can see many native Oregon ducks
and geese enjoy their morning walks as well. 
Bring a treat along with you while walking
and you’ll make lots of new friends!
Photo 4 Waterfall
Here you can see one
of our two waterfalls.
This is our main waterfall
in our Rainbow Trout fishing pond.
You will be amazed at the serenity
and natural beauty of Gainsborough!
 Photo 5 ducks on water
Here you can see many different type of ducks,
and geese that fly in and out of our community. 
Our natural waterway allows them to
live free to fly in and out of our community. 
Many of them do love it at Gainsborough
and consider this their home. 
Be as smart as nature and call
Gainsborough your home too! 

Photo 6 water fountains

We have four water fountains that
you can enjoy the sights and sounds of wildlife
while walking along our waterway. 
You could search all over
and not find a “Private Park”
like setting that is offered by Gainsborough. 
Come enjoy your very own paradise… 
Come enjoy Gainsborough Homes!
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