Cost of Living

cost of living

Estimated Costs of Living at Gainsborough

*Approximate cost of Houses Our used homes range in price from $170,000-$270,000 depending on the size of the Home and Garage. Once a home becomes available we will make flyers that show the floor plan, photos, pricing, taxes and lease amounts.               

*The Monthly Lease Rate on the Land is $55275, $577.75 or $622.75 a month depending on the location of the lot.  This Includes Taxes on the Land, Cable Television, Use and maintenance of the Club House, Common Areas, Fishing Pond & Waterway, Street Sweeping & Common area Maintenance, Park Managers Etc.  

 *The Property Taxes on the land are paid by Gainsborough.  You do pay Personal Property Taxes on your Home & Garage.  This has been running about $1,200-$4,000.00 a year.

 *Homeowners Insurance should run about $800.00 a year depending on which insurance company and agent you go through.  This figure is based on your home, garage, improvements and all of your personal property inside the home.

 *Electric/Gas, Water, Sewer & Garbage should run about $150.00-$350.00 dollars a month all together.  These are “Energy Star” and/or “Natural Choice” Homes and are very energy efficient.

 *Cable television is paid by Gainsborough and you receive Comcast/Xfinity Extended Basic Digital Cable for FREE as part of your monthly lease payment.  If you choose to upgrade for additional channels or services, you simply pay the difference directly to Comcast.

*Annual Backflow Inspection $20.00 a year.  Inspected between July-August. The “backflow” device is a part of your underground sprinkler system. The City of Eugene requires an annual backflow inspection for every homeowner who has underground sprinkler systems within the city limits. This is to insure that the backflow device is working properly.

*Optional Fees:

OSTA the Oregon Manufactured Home Owners of Oregon. All manufactured home owners that live in Oregon can join this organization, it has many member from parks all over our state. Optional OSTA Dues are $30.00 a year.    Gainsborough HOA is a group of homeowners elected by a community vote to serve as a liaison between Gainsborough management and the homeowners with respect to community government, to manage the Gainsborough Park Purchase Committee and to serve as an umbrella for all Gainsborough committees. Optional HOA dues: $5 per household per year. Gainsborough Social Committee is our Party and Event Team built up of volunteer homeowners. This group is in charge of handling our community events and parties. They are amazing at setting up all types of wonderful events for you to enjoy. Optional Social Committee dues are $5.00 per person per year.

That’s really the only expenses you should have besides
your own personal Internet and phone bills.

 web lease history

Here at Gainsborough we are
proud to offer a full 25-year lease.

Like most 55 & older communities, we do adjust to the CPI index annually along with any tax increases, however what sets us apart from the other communities is when we renew our leases.  Most communities renew their leases every 3-5 years.  Here at Gainsborough we only renew our leases every 25 years. When leases are renewed they are often increased up to Market rates, which substantially increase more than the rate of inflation (CPI-W). When we developed Gainsborough we wanted to offer a lifetime lease so we decided to offer a full 25-year lease to provide our residence with peace of mind knowing that their lease could not be increased to market rates until the end of the 25 year term.  Our leases are also fully assumable. If you own your home for 5 years and decide to sell it,   whoever buys your home assumes your lease at the same rate that you are paying for the remainder of the 25 years.  This makes selling your home a lot easier & allows the new owners to enjoy the same rates as you received. 

This form was designed to provide you with a history of our monthly lease rates.  This should give you a general idea of the rent increases here at Gainsborough.  This form should not be used to try to estimate any future increases nor should it be used as an indicator for the Portland CPI-W.


Year               Edge           Middle      Waterway
1995                     $325.00                $350.00                $395.00     
1996                     $325.00                $350.00                $395.00
1997                     $325.00                $350.00                $395.00
1998                     $325.00                $350.00                $395.00
1999                     $325.00                $350.00                $395.00
2000                     $342.50                $367.50                $412.50
2001                     $342.50                $367.50                $412.50
2002                     $349.00                $374.00                $419.00
2003                     $354.70                $379.70                $424.70
2004                     $363.00                $388.00                $433.00
2005                     $371.00                $396.00                $441.00
2006                     $379.00                $404.00                $449.00
2007                     $391.00                $416.00                $461.00
2008                     $403.00                $428.00                $473.00
2009                     $422.00                $447.00                $492.00
2010                     $423.50                $448.50                $493.50
2011                     $434.50                $459.50                $504.50
2012                     $447.35                $472.35                $517.35
2013                     $458.85                $483.85                $528.85 
2014                     $470.30                $495.30                $540.30
2015                     $483.55                $508.55                $553.55
2016                     $487.25                $512.25                $557.25
2017                     $494.25                $519.25                $564.25
2018                     $517.20                $542.20                $587.20
2019                     $539.00                $564.00               $609.00
2020                     $552.75               $577.75                $622.75

How we calculate our annual lease adjustments:

Our Monthly lease rate shall be subject to an adjustment on January 1st of each following year based on changes if any, upon the percentage increase reflected by the Consumer Pricing Index.  The base index to be used should be the average of index figures published for the Second Quarter of the calendar year 1995.
For Example: if the lease is based at $350.00 per month and the CPI has increased 1.0% the following January 1st, the monthly rate is multiplied by .01 x 350 = 3.50, Add the $350.00 + $3.50 = 353.50, this becomes the fixed Lease per month for that year.
Any increase in real property taxes by the city, county or state shall be subject to similar treatment, and proportioned equally over the number of leaseholders of Gainsborough.
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